Cosmic Cat Maria

Cosmic Cat focuses on the mystery and beauty of the night sky and its effect on the imagination. The story concerns Maria, a little girl who finds herself removed from her city home and brought to a place where her companions are mountains, trees, and the stars. Here she meets a strange blue kitten whose brief presence in her life forever changes the way she looks at the world around her.

This is a story for all ages, good for reading to your kids, good for learning a little bit about astronomy.

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Glossy cover, paperback, full color interior, 8.5" x 11" format. Here's an edition of the story that you can put on your shelf.


Available for the Apple iPad and Mac computers. Designed to take advantage of the resolution of iPad Retina displays.

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Cosmic Cat
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                  Trailer Your Cosmic Cat ebook comes with two versions of the story.

Cosmic Cat: the illustrated story

  • 42 pages of spectacular original art by Joe Bergeron.
  • Text that floats into view as you page through the book, allowing you to take in the artwork until you're ready for the text.

Cosmic Cat: the annotated version

  • The same art and text as the plain version
  • Numerous interactive slide shows, animations, and other features give a basic introduction to topics such as black holes, telescopes, moon phases, and many more.

All copyright by Joe Bergeron.