Amateur Astronomy

has been an important part of my life for 50 years. I like deep-sky
observing and planetary about equally well. For several years I've been
getting more serious about imaging.

I've owned a lot of telescopes, and am presently satisfied with the 11 I have:

  • Astro-Physics 155mm f/9 EDT refractor
  • 10" f/6 Starsplitter Compact Dobsonian with Nova optics
  • 3.5" Questar Maksutov
  • 92mm Astro-Physics Stowaway refractor
  • 3" f/6.5 Jaegers refractor
  • 40mm Coronado PST
  • 60mm f/12 Sears/Towa refractor
  • 77mm f/13 Eikow refractor
  • 150mm f/5 Celestron Omni XLT reflector
  • 8" Celestron Edge HD SCT
  • 60mm Astro-Tech ED refractor

Eleven!? I'm now verging on having too many telescopes.

Verging, mind you.

Items of Interest:
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Notes on a few pairs which are particularly challenging or significant in some way. Or at least pretty.

English Lessons for Amateur Astronomers

Read no farther! I warn you, don't look at this!

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Comet 17P/Holmes Drawings

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A few notes on observing this famously elusive object over the years.

Brandon Eyepiece Review

A few thoughts and reminiscences about these venerable oculars, a product of the little farm village of Candor, New York, near my home.

Three-Inch Refractor Shootout

In which some not very surprising conclusions are drawn about the relative performance of a few small telescopes.

Venus Transit 2012

Photos from this rare event. If you missed it, don't count on being around for the next one.


Featuring the more successful of my humble efforts at the art and science of celestial photography.

Celestron Advanced VX Mount Review

Results with this entry-level goto telescope mount.

Celestron 8-Inch EdgeHD Telescope Review

A stubby tube full of miracles? Not quite, but very respectable nonetheless.

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An account of my adventure seeing and recording this stunning celestial sight.

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Science Fiction
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