Green Lantern, Target of Sinestro

Green Lantern (especially the Hal Jordan version) is my favorite superhero, and has been since I first laid eyes on him in a pile of coverless comics at summer camp when I was a kid. The name alone, so mysterious and evocative, was enough to do it. What else? The power ring, tapping into a strange energy of limitless potential and versatility (all my favorite heroes are sources of light). The oath and the charging ceremony. The elegant costume, with its unique color scheme of green, black and white...with Hal's brown hair providing an unusual earthy touch. It's actually tasteful. The mysterious Guardians of the Universe (who are no longer nearly as mysterious as they should be). Finally, Hal looked a bit like my father, and I was still young enough for that to mean something.

This digital scene was inspired by the brilliant Green Lantern: Rebirth series by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. We see Hal picking himself up from the surface of the moon after being blasted by his nemesis, Sinestro. Hal's appreciative little smirk shows that while he may be down, he is very far from out.

Artwork by Joe Bergeron

Character © by DC Comics